Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get in touch with DAT?

DAT can only be reached in two ways:
Emails correspondence.
Text messages through WhatsApp . Not conversations on the phone.

If you already have a reservation with us, please describe your request and provide the booking number from your voucher, not the payment receipt number.

Once in the Dominican Republic, text the number indicated on the voucher on WhatsApp . To get a response, always type the booking number first.

Are stops permitted during transfers?

If you need to make a stop during your transfer, no worries! Just include it and pay for it during the booking process.

You can easily do this in the Multiple Transfers section.

Remember, stops can only be made at locations listed on our website.

How to book a round trip service including a STOP after arrival.

On the Multiple Transfers section select how many transfers you need.


From airport to the STOP.


From the STOP to the Hotel.


From the Hotel to the airport.


*Don’t book the airport transfer service until you have an accurate address for Airbnb.*

1. If you have questions or concerns about the location or need more detailed directions, don't hesitate to reach out to the host directly through Airbnb's messaging system.

2. Use Maps: You can use online maps like Google Maps to get a general idea of the area based on the information provided in the listing.

3. Accuracy of Listings: Sometimes, Airbnb listings may not provide the precise location on the map for security reasons. Instead, they might provide a general area or neighborhood to protect the privacy of both hosts and guests.

NOW, if you are ready with the Airbnb location, you are free to book your transfer. On the website enter your travel details, including your arrival date and time, flight information, and destination, please note that Punta Cana has several locations or ZONES for AIRBNBs. You need to know in advance the ZONE or area you are going to.

Here are all the AIRBNB’s areas in Punta Cana and you must select one of them.

• Arena Gorda Area Airbnb Zone

• Bavaro Area Airbnb Zone

• Cabeza de Toro Area Airbnb Zone

• Cap Cana Area Airbnb Zone

• El Cortecito Area Airbnb Zone

• Los Corales Area Airbnb Zone

• Punta Cana Beach Resort Airbnb Zone

• Punta Blanca Area Airbnb Zone

• Punta Cana Village Area Airbnb Zone

• Uvero Alto Area Airbnb Zone

• White Sands Area Airbnb Zone

After selecting the Zone eventually, when you go further into your booking process you will need to type in the name or address of your AIRBNB Rental.

1. Where I go when I arrive at the airport?

Your voucher will have all the necessary information to locate us at the airport. Please print it out and bring your voucher with you.

2. What happens if my flight is delayed?

We always confirm the flight arrival times. The driver will wait for all flights that are delayed and your transfer is provided without any additional charges.

3. What happens if I miss my flight or my flight is cancelled?

You must inform us that you are not coming if your flight is cancel, or inform us the next flight departure and its arrival time by using the telephone number provided on the voucher. If you fail to do so, it will be regarded as a "NO-SHOW" and no refund will be granted.

4. Where will you wait for me at my hotel/apartment/home?

If you are going to the airport from a hotel, please wait at reception (lobby). If being collected from an apartment or your home, please wait outside by your main door. The driver will look for you there holding up the meeting card with the company name.

5. What is a 'Private Transfer'?

A private transfer is where we transport you as an individual passenger without the need to share a car with anyone else. Once you arrive at the airport you won't need to wait for other passengers.

6. What time will you pick me up for my Private transfer back to the airport?

Since you booked a private transfer, pick up time is pre-scheduled and is listed on your DEPARTURE voucher.

Please don't use third parties (Concierge, Guest Service, or Bell Boys) to contact us by phone, we need to talk to you in person.

7. What type of vehicles are used for the transfer?

All our transfers involve the use of vans, SUV's, minibuses or buses, according to the type of transfer required and the amount of people. All vehicles are air-conditioned.

8. What happens if I've lost my luggage? How long will the driver wait for me?

If you discover that your luggage has gone missing, you should inform us as soon as possible by using the phone number shown on the voucher or ask permission to go outside and let the driver know of your problem and that you have arrived at the airport and still require the transfer. If you have booked a Private Transfer from the airport, the driver will wait up to a maximum of 1 hour after the flight arrival time. If you have not contacted the driver (or us) within these time limits, the driver can leave the airport without waiting any further. Failing to inform us will be regarded as a "NO-SHOW" and the transfer fee will be deducted from your credit card.

9. How much luggage can I take with me? Are there any restrictions on luggage (weight)?

Each passenger has an allowance of 1 big suitcase and 1 hand luggage without any weight limit. Extra-large luggage - if notified to us in advance when making your reservation – will be transported but you should inform us of the exact amount.

10. Is it allowed to use the transfer service for animals?

Live animals can travel – for a payment of an extra fee - providing they are carried in suitable carrying equipment, which is kept in good and secure condition, and that you have the necessary documents (e.g. a pet passport). This only apply is to Private Transfers. Please notify us at the time you make your reservation.

11. Can I carry bicycle, golf bag, etc.?

These and similar items are not classed as normal sized luggage. A payment of an extra fee is required, the amount depending on your ultimate destination when using the transfer service. You should notify us at the time when you make your reservation.

12. Are my credit card details secure?

Credit card details are transmitted over the internet using an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) system. By using this method, we protect your credit card details from unauthorized access. This system is used by many financial institutions all over the world for the making and transferring of payments via the internet.

13. Can I cancel my booking? Is it free of charge?

All reservations are subject to a % fee upon request cancellation. You will be notified of the total discount at the time of booking online.

14. How can I change or Cancel my booking?

There are some changes that you can make to your booking directly from our site, you must go to Manage Your Booking. There you will be able to make any kind of changes that do not affect the price you paid. If the system does not allow you to make the change you must send us an email to customer service, send us your booking number and the changes you need and we will proceed to do so from our end, you will receive a new updated voucher.

15. Are you a reliable company?

Our company is operating since 2001. We know all the tourist destinations in Dominican Republic. We were born there and are pioneers in this type of online business. We are accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) in USA, website site has an Extended Validation Security Certificate SSL.

The Presence of SSL means you can rest assured that communications (e.g. credit card numbers) between your browser and this site's web servers are private and when the secure SSL session is activated.

Our business name Dominican Airport Transfers®, is a Trademark registered in USA Patent and Trademark Office No. 5,064,029.