Travel Advisors Discount Program for Airport Transfers

You can get discounted prices by joining the Dominican Airport Transfers (DAT) Travel Agents program.

Through our websites Travel Agents can offer their customers easy, affordable, and fast transportation options.

Our transfers are available from and to all major airports, cities, and Resort areas in the Dominican Republic.

With our automated booking process, you can:
  • Easily book airport transfers for customers.
  • Make any changes to reservations.
  • Confirm bookings on the website.
  • Print vouchers and more.
  • Take advantage of discounted prices on all our airport transfers.

To receive discounted prices, simply fill out the registration form below. Once approved, you will receive a discount code (Token) that is valid for a 10% discount during the booking process.

Register now and you will receive a unique travel agent code. Use this code to get discounts on Transfers.

Just enter the code in the field marked as Travel Agent, and your discount will be applied automatically.


The terms and conditions outline the relationship between the travel agent and DAT, outlining the agreed termination terms for bookings and accounts.

DAT reserves the right to terminate any booking at any time for any reason, including threats or offenses.

DAT reserves the right to terminate business relationships without notice, resulting in the forfeiture of commissions or discounts.

Additionally, the cancellation fee will be charged in case of cancellation of remaining bookings as per the terms and conditions for airport transfers.

Record-Keeping Obligation:
DAT is not liable for errors made by travel agents during the booking process as they are responsible for maintaining records of their reservations and booking numbers.
In the case that your clients cancel their bookings, please notify DAT promptly. Failure to notify DAT of the cancellation before the driver completes the service will result in no refund. The same guideline applies to any modifications to the reservation.

Account Deactivation:
Travel agencies that are registered to receive commissions may be deactivated if there has been no booking activity for more than 6 consecutive months. In this case, they will lose the commission that has been accumulated. Please be aware that this is our policy.

Effective Date:
Booking with DAT signifies acceptance of these terms and conditions.